I Accidently Hit the Gas Pedal and Crashed During An Impromptu Air Drum Solo. Can A Wannabee Rockstar Get Some Coverage?

Quick take: Car insurance coverage when your groove gets too real.

  • Auto liability insurance helps cover your financial responsibility to others.
  • It can provide coverage for third party injuries and damage to their property resulting from a covered loss.
  • Liability coverage is required by law in nearly all states.
  • Optional collision coverage can cover your own vehicle when you’re at fault in an accident.

Q:Question Am I covered if an air-drum solo goes epically wrong while I’m jamming, my foot slips from the brake pedal to the accelerator pedal, and my car rocks and rolls into an air conditioning unit?

We turned this one over to Ark Rusak, a Farmers® agent in Park Ridge, Illinois. He knows car insurance like drummers know how to show off.

A:Answer First, let me say I can relate to your story. I’m no air drummer, but I’ve had a similar lapse myself. I was backing out of the garage one foggy morning with the radio on, thinking about the upcoming workday. I had performed this simple maneuver every day for years, but this time was different. I went too far and crashed right into the house. You would think an obstacle that size would be easy to see, or that I had paid attention to the backup camera. I felt like an idiot. The brick house was fine, but the car needed a few thousand in repairs. My Farmers auto policy covered it, and a performance like yours can be covered too depending the type of insurance coverage you purchased.

Nearly every state requires auto liability insurance, which covers the cost of damage to others when you’re at fault. This includes bodily injury and damage to physical property, like the bank’s air conditioner. If you had hit another car, that could be covered under an auto liability policy, too.

I’m guessing your own car got banged up as well. I know from my experience what it can cost for a qualified body shop to fix even minor damage. That’s where collision insurance comes in. It can cover the cost to repair or replace your vehicle when you hit another vehicle or a stationary object, like your own home in my case.

Collision coverage isn’t required by law, although banks — like the one you hit — can require it as a condition of obtaining a car loan. Even when you don’t owe anything on your car, this coverage can help you from a painful loss. Imagine having to repair or replace your car after a major accident totally out of pocket. What would a sudden expense like that do to your budget?

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